Lauren Rodriguez

Lauren Rodriguez

Lauren Rodriguez


My nutrition journey is a little different from others. My goal wasn’t to lose weight. I decided to work with Grazi because I had constant severe fatigue, poor recovery after working out, and food intolerances. She was the only nutrition coach who tailored my plan according to the food sensitivities I had. There were other issues that cleared up along the way as Grazi got me on the right nutritional plan for my body. It was really hard the first couple of weeks, learning what worked for me. Meal prepping has been my saving grace as a busy mom of 3 who works full time. Grazi is ALWAYS available to answer any questions I have. That made a huge difference at the beginning because it’s a learning process, and guidance is necessary. After a few weeks, I felt my energy increase and my recovery was easier. A few months in, family & friends started noticing a change in my body shape.

I started in May of last year, and it took me a bit to get adjusted to my new nutrition plan. When we met in September for a check in, she told me that I had lost 7.5 pounds and my body fat had gone from 25% to 19.5%. Then we met on March 17th, my weight stayed the same but my body fat had decreased to 15.9%, and I had gained more muscle. This proves that the scale is not the only tool that shows success. Although I’m not one to stress over numbers, getting these results showed me that all my hard work & consistency has paid off in the short time I have worked with Grazi. Hiring her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my fitness journey.

Maryln Kaufman


I have joined Freakin Fitness twice, once for athletic performance and currently for my health.

In 2017 I joined Freakin Nutrition at the recommendation of my trainer who noticed that my recovery from my workouts was very poor. With one consultation about my eating habits, I began to recover from my workouts much more quickly. Due to my lofty goal to make it to the CrossFit Games, I continued with the nutrition program and very quickly shed 8lbs, increased my stamina and maintained my quick recovery times. I didn’t make it to the Games but I came very close.

Recently, I signed up again for my general health. My complaints were; insomnia, feeling like a “brick” during my workouts, excessive belly fat, pain in my joints, and a concerning craving for excessive amounts of chocolate that ultimately leaves me very sick. My age is now 67 and I was starting to believe these were all age-related issues.

2 weeks into my current nutrition program, custom designed specifically for me, my insomnia was cured. That in and of itself was a “game changer”. It’s been almost 3 months and my workout endurance has increased significantly, belly fat is going down, cravings have disappeared and my joint pain has decreased. As a nice side-affect, I’ve lost 5 lbs.

Grazi Perlow is my Nutrition Coach. She is very knowledgeable and has created a nutrition program that is sustainable for life.

I’ve been excited to discover that my complaints aren’t age-related, but FOOD related.

Thank you Grazi!!!!